Smart Water Management

Smart water is an essential component of the smart city. It is of paramount importance to ensure right quality and quantity of water to be distributed daily.
To reduce cost of per unit water by reducing water losses due to overflows & leakages.

The system helps authorities in the following ways:

  • Total accountability in Water production and distribution system
  • Uniform distribution of water can be achieved through out the supply area eliminating imbalances.
  • Continuous data assessment can ensure water Quality & Quantity
  • Improves quality of service and overall plant efficiency
  • Continuous monitoring and display of network flow status and supervisory controls
  • Online information and historical data helps in managing demand variations
  • Automated reports helps in taking timely decisions and planning
  • Continuous monitoring of overflows, leakages, Unaccounted For Water (UFW) at various stages of distribution to control wastage
  • Real time alarms and SMS notifications in case of exceptions.